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When will my order arrive?

We understand you want to start wearing your future favorite #lifeisaparty t-shirt or sweatshirt yesterday! That’s why we ship as soon as possible, the moment your transfer arrives to our account.

How can I pay?

Payments are made by bank transfer. When you finish your order, all necessary bank account information will be provided.

Are shipping costs and VAT included?

Yes all prices include 21% VAT and shipping costs!

What if I’m not happy or it doesn’t arrive?

If it doesn’t arrive or if you’re not happy, write to us at lifeisaparty@dimitriwouters.com and we’ll take care of you!

What about international orders?

At the moment we’re only shipping to Belgium. For international orders please write us at lifeisaparty@dimitriwouters.com, include the type and size of the piece(s) you want to order!

Care/washing instructions

We advise you to bring your t-shirts and sweatshirts to your mom, she knows perfectly how to handle this. If that’s not a possibility, cold wash your garments and hang them out to dry. It’ll keep them super soft, looking their best and it’s even good for the environment.

Any other questions? Feel free to contact us at lifeisaparty@dimitriwouters.com!